Tuesday, August 6, 2013


While I was punching the chili to make 'sambal belacan'                                   [Malay traditional food]. Somehow that thing get into my eye.                       HURT LIKE HELL! I called my sis name but she doesn't hear it.

I'm scared to open my eyes and can't think of way out.At last I cried loudly while calling my sis name again.She heard it this time [Well who wouldn't hear someone wailing loudly]She was worried if anything real bad happen.But it just a chili.She help me walked toward the sink and washed my eye.She smirk and said that I'm Overreacting.Well i guess i am though....I wailed loudly like something that really hurt [More than a chili in my eye] happen toward  me.[SIGH]Its her fault too...Why she don't come sooner!

Monday, August 5, 2013

5 August 2013

Hi [peace upon you] and  Assalamualaikum ,
 Ramadhan month!Such a great day for Muslim all over the world ^^
Soon Muslim gonna celebrate Happy eid [hari raya]  too....Well that include me!So excited for Hari raya though a bit sad as the ramadhan will soon bid good bye.I really hope that I will see the next ramadhan ,next year.


Maher Zain - Open Your Eyes | Official Lyric Video

Such a great song! Full with meaning and somehow soothing to be at ease......^^

Friday, August 2, 2013

WHat sUP!


   Still finding idea to continue the story well u guyz had to wait for a little bit longer...huhuhuhuhu :'(

I feel like  I wanna give up ! Oh well , what else can I do.Maybe I will make this Blog as my Diary instead...Hope u guyz don't mind to read about my life ^^
Right now, I'm focusing in a story named  'Teenager life series'
Majorly about Martin Hagen [Which I already do before in a one-shot story] But this time I'm gonna make it longer and more elaborated.I also will sprinkle some teenage love tale in Teenage Life Series ( TLS) .I already post it in my other blog   http://wanshazlianie-blogger.blogspot.com/p/tenager-life-series.html 

So far is 2 episode had been upload [ 2 august]
And there will be more  since I just had to make it longer , it is not gonna take so many idea.I guess I already gave up in uploading stories in this blog.......(sigh)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teenager Life ( Short STORY)

Teenager Life(STORY) - Author by Shaz lianie

"Life is pointless" ______
     " Life is pointless, no matter what you do it still useless ".I looked at the window, while thinking how I hate going to school and facing the same teacher " Martin Hagen! " I stare at my teacher eyes with bored gaze just to irritates him. his angry and arrogant face,I'm quite use to it already.
      " What are you staring at , you little punk " I'm ignored him,but he start talking again " Go and solve the problem ,now! " But I still think its better to ignore him so I sit there staring at him, then he elevate his voice and said " What an idiot you are or maybe your parent are to idiot to teach you some manner! " Then I rose angry.
        " Don't talk bad about my parent! " I hate this stupid teacher he just can't shut his mouth.I was getting demerit and I don't freaking care about it.But something is getting  on my nerve, they think i can't hear they laughing at me and whispering something about me  around the class and surely it will spread to the whole school.
      At school,I was known by my attitude of bad manner and rebellious , I also got a bad result in exam since my parent started to argue and  I was kinda stress at that time .The other student keep avoiding me so basically I don't have friend ,before i do have friend but they abandoned me after knowing about my situation.
       My mother and father always argue and they always busy maybe that is why I am rebellious. My parent bought me a PS3 so i can stay home and give me a lot of money everyday so i can spent to go anywhere.But there are really nowhere to go so i just go to the arcade and play or stay home to play the the PS3.
       They think by doing that it it can make them less guilty but its NOT.The thing that make me feel jealous is when  I seeing the family next to my house playing and laughing together , for some reason I felt  jealous of their intimacy and bonding. Well my parent will be divorce to each other soon, I know this day will come so I already prepare for it.
      Next week,I going to move out and going to stay at Kerly Hill.I think that better because my reputation here is so bad already. I stay with my mother because i want to move out from here.I wonder if I can find something fun to do there or maybe I can make some friends there.I don't know should I be excited or what but one thing for sure, I don't want to stay with my father and face the same school and surely the same teacher.

My First 'English' Short Story

My first Masterpiece and it gonna soon be post.

   I so excited  since it the first.Anyway , I want to say sorry cuz this blog will be in English and at the same time some entry will be in Malay .For this Entry , i prefer using English as it was universal .I really hope My blog will be read around the world , so I better use English more in this blog if I want to hook up some foreigner to read my blog .Btw for the last word I want to say that I hope you enjoy my first masterpiece [even though it was kinda simple and rush]

Monday, June 10, 2013

Yea! jumpa blog yg ada bagi baca cerpen/novel online secara free

Waa! seronoknya leh baca novel secara percuma puas2!

ini link nyer http://watashinosara.blogspot.com/ milik kak sara aisha (Antara penulis kegemaran)
sebab saya minat baca novel/cerpen sebab kak aisha la masa tu saya terbaca cerita Cinta Coklat karya kak sara aisha.

Link kedua adalah link dimana saya terjumpa karya kak sara aisha yang secara x langsung saya dpt menemui blog kak aisha lak http://www.penulisan2u.my/

Confirm korang yang memang suka Novel Happy kan!! hehehehe